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Health and Wellbeing ...

“Exercise and recreation are as necessary as reading. I will rather say more necessary, because health is worth more than learning.” Thomas Jefferson


This generation of electronic obsessed youngsters will struggle with ill health and poor self-esteem unless school and government do as much as possible to offer increased levels of activity.

There are 5 steps we can all take to improve our mental wellbeing, we encourage these within the sessions we deliver for instance;


  • Connect - work, play, run with others in the class 

  • Keep Learning - learning a new skill gives children a huge sense of achievement and one they can keep practicing at home from doing a cartwheel to shooting a hoop

  • Be Active - moving, running, jumping, dancing, these all boost our mood and energise us

  • Give to others - we create positive feelings and a sense of reward and encourage the children to do the same

  • Take Notice - when we move we need reminding what happens to our body, take notice of how we feel, thoughts we may have and sensations - like the air moving past the body as we walk or our heart beating faster when we run


Lots of activities we deliver fulfil more than one of these five steps. 




ENERGISE Clubs encourage higher levels of participation in physical activity & support the development of healthy lifestyles. The activities take children on a FUN, interactive journey to improved physical and mental well-being and a healthy diet, with lots of FUN challenges along the way. 


High quality session plans, resources and rewards are provided for staff and young people.

Energise reflects national concern about levels of childhood obesity and low levels of children doing 60 minutes a day of physical activity. We support schools to tackle problems associated with inactivity and unhealthy lifestyle choices, which impacts on physical & mental health well-being. Energise has been developed by education & public health specialists, and is really successful in many schools,

School Energise Club Pack contains: 15 Energise Passports, 15 Task Card sets, 15 Energise Playing Card sets, Certificates, Stickers & Evaluation Resources, including teacher Session Plans for sustainability.

  • Colourful Energise Passports for each child full of exciting activities to promote physical & mental well-being and healthy lifestyles. 


  • Exciting rewards including 4 different Energise Certificates, Energise Playing Cards & Stickers.


  • Challenge Cards: Weekly Energise Challenges for pupils to complete, reinforcing learning and earning rewards. 


  • Session Plans: 12 innovative and easy to follow session plans for staff to use including a Celebration Event. Plus evaluation resources to measure the impact of your Energise Club

"I would like to say how much my daughter, is enjoying Energise at Brooke Hill on Tuesdays.  She is always eager to go and is intent on filling her (and ours) weekend and evening with sporting activities.  As a child who is not naturally sporty this is fantastic to see happening.  Working towards a medal / certificate has helped her and I feel she has a greater understanding of how sport will help her now and in the future. Thank you so much for giving her this opportunity to shine!" (Parent)


"My son has attended your Energise club at our school. He is thoroughly enjoying the whole experience. He comes out looking so exhausted, yet full of beans at the same time. I’m thrilled you are doing something that he is really enjoying and looking forward to each week." (Parent)