Why Schools Work with us
Current guidelines state that children should spend at least 60 minutes per day doing physical activity, and all under 5's should be as active as possible. We appreciate schools are more time and budget stretched than ever before, which is why our skilled staff will teach your children to reach your learning objectives whist adding more depth to your existing PE offering helping many schools to fill the gap.
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Curricular and Extra Sessions 
Our sessions build an enjoyment of physical activity by encouraging and developing children at whatever level of confidence they are at.
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About Us
Urban Movement Primary is a social enterprise. We work across nurseries, schools and communities currently in Melton and Rutland to increase well-being, physical activity and the uptake of sport to encourage healthier lifestyles for all.
We are a team of proactive, professionally trained, motivational sports leaders committed to improving physical development in children. provide our active sessions by working alongside your existing staff and bring focussed and creative sessions to your existing curriculum.
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CONTAct us

Call Ineke now on 07515 934893 or email Let us help you enhance your PE offering and increase the well-being and physical activity in your school or community setting.

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